Ricky Hurtado
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Thank you for visiting my campaign website! My name is Ricky Hurtado, and I am a lifelong Napan who is ready to provide a fresh perspective and new leadership on the City Council. I am committed to working hard for your interests, and hope to earn your vote in the November election! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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Why I’m Running For City Council

My Priorities

As I embark upon my campaign for City Council, my #1 priority is to listen to you – the residents of Napa – about the concerns, challenges or issues you face in your neighborhood, or in the City of Napa as a whole.  As I go door-to-door, meet with and call residents, and generally introduce myself as part of an early listening campaign, some of the recurring issues I’ve heard about from voters include:

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Cost of Living 

Ensuring our community can thrive in Napa

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Providing opportunities and enrichment for youth an seniors 

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Keeping our roads and neighborhoods safe and maintained

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Fire Recovery

Rebuilding our community and assisting those in need

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Beyond these aforementioned priorities, I will continue to listen to the needs of you and our community and ensure that my priorities reflect the needs of our residents.  If you have any additional suggestions, concerns or improvements you think our city needs to better address, please do not hesitate to contact me.