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Cost of Living & Housing Affordability 

As our city and regional economy continues to strengthen and Napa’s popularity grows on a national and global scale, property values continue rising faster than incomes, creating a strain for lower-income and working-class families, as well as our seniors and young people.  On the City Council, I am committed to looking at ways to incentivize affordable and workforce housing construction, and exploring public-private partnerships to keep the cost-of-living from pricing out longtime and lifelong residents so those who grew up or retired in Napa can continue enjoying their way of life.


Parks and recreational services for youth & Seniors


I have lived in Napa my entire life, and know that there are far fewer opportunities for our youth and elderly than there are for most adults in our community.  Whether it be improved or expanded parks or recreational services such as a community center, I will work with our residents to look at enhancing parks and recreational services for youth,       families and seniors in Napa.




Traffic congestion, & road maintenance

The traffic congestion in Napa continues growing worse each year, while the backlog of road and street repairs needed in our community continually exceeds available resources.  Napa’s innovative sidewalk rehabilitation program is a great starting point, and the infusion of tax dollars for road repairs will take effect this year, but more must be done to address this issue.  As a City Council member, I will work towards a collaborative approach between city and county officials to cohesively address and invest in our infrastructure, both on our main thoroughfares and in residential neighborhoods.


Fire rebuilding & recovery efforts


The Atlas, Tubbs and Nuns fires had a devastating impact on homes and properties in Napa County, including many in greater Napa.  While the recovery from the 2014 South Napa earthquake comes to a close, the rebuilding and recovery from the North Bay wildfires will be felt for years to come as more than 1,200 homes and structures must be repaired or rebuilt.  As a member of the City Council, I will work with county officials to streamline permitting processes and offer whatever assistance we can for victims in our area as they navigate the rebuilding process.


Beyond these aforementioned priorities, I will continue to listen to the needs of you and our community and ensure that my priorities reflect the needs of our residents.  If you have any additional suggestions, concerns or improvements you think our city needs to better address, please do not hesitate to contact me.